Lord, please help me meet the person of my dreams. The person who will love, respect, cherish me. The man you have ordained to be my husband. He will be financially secure. This man will care about his family and mine. We will be one in holy matrimony. I thank you in advance.

Job Request

Lord, please I beg you to bless me with a job. It’s been far too long since I’ve worked…bills are increasing, no savings, I no longer know what to do. Please Lord, I beg you to make a way where there seems to be no way. I ask that you open the door that will lead me to the job


Hi, my name is Esperanza, I have a friend named Sara Victoria, she is been prostituting herself for money to keep her family content. Her mom always manipulated her mind to give her abundance making her to do this “because money is important in life”. I would really appreciate if you could please pray for this woman, she is been in this terrible situation for over 20 years. Her mom and family have been in witchcrafts and dark magic to get what they want careless about values in life.  This woman has been in terrible depressions, almost to death  and other situations… Please pray for her, keep her in mind, pray for her with your friends and people in church. I know the more we give and help, we will be blessed. I believe in justice and freedom, and the only way to achieve it is by going through the path of Jesus Christ. Her complete name is Sara. She is 43 years old. She is been in a mental prison for so long. I ask you if you could please be prudent online, don’t want her to be public situation, just asking for mercy and prayers from your hearts. in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


God Bless You Abundantly.