family reconciliation/soften heart/forgiveness

Please pray for reconciliation of marriage and family for Joy and Chris. Please pray Chris realizes he is in the wrong and yearns to seek help for his anger management. He is physically and mentally abusive. He also is an alcoholic. Pray he seeks help for his addiction and wants to better himself to save his family. Please pray he reaches a point of realization that he is living a sinful life and turn him back to God, his family and wife.We have been ordered not to communicate. Please pray he turns to his attorney, friend, or family member ASAP to reach out to me to reconcile. Please pray for Joy to gain confidence, strength, happiness, and peace so she can move forward. She has 3 children to care for. Please pray Joy finds a good flexible work from home job with benefits so she an provide for her family. In Jesus name. Thank you!

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